Christian Tours to Bethlehem

Taking the journey to the birthplace of Christ, Christian tours to Bethlehem will provide you with something very special. Seeing where Jesus was born, where he walked and how he lived will empower you and is certain to embolden your religious observance and connection to the stories you read about in the Holy Bible.

A Christian tour to Bethlehem is just one example of the many tours for Christians to Israel and beyond that we have been providing to the Christian communities of the UK and around the world for over 30 years. Seeing the sites and the places you read about regularly in the Bible is something you cannot rival.

Bethlehem is one of the many holy sites for Christians to be found in the chosen land of Israel. It is a place of natural beauty and a place like no other. From the moment you set foot in the land, you are struck by the holiness exuded from the land of God.

Take an unforgettable journey through Bethlehem that is sure to stay with you for the rest of your life. We arrange tours to Bethlehem, Christian holy sites and Israel for large groups, small groups, holidaymakers, individuals and more.

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The Journey to Bethlehem for Christians

By exploring the birthplace of Jesus Christ and by being able to see how and where he lived, you will feel a connection to God and Christ Himself; filled with the power and awe of the Holy Spirit.

Our tour guides and travel experts are the best around when it comes to planning the finest tours for Christians to Bethlehem and beyond. With meticulous planning and a detailed knowledge of Christian tours, our tours are the best you will find for the best prices.

We work very closely with Benny Hinn, Jeff Lucas and many other world renowned Christian pastors and speakers to help us run some of the best Christian tours to Bethlehem to be found. Both Jeff Lucas and Benny Hinn are regular features of many of the tours which we arrange for Christians to travel to the holy city of Bethlehem.

The holy city of Bethlehem is talked about throughout both the New and Old Testaments and it has a very special significance for all Christians. It is the place where Jesus was born and where so many miracles occurred. Filled with inspiration and the holiness of thousands of years of Christian history, there is so much to do and see throughout Bethlehem.

We can accommodate short day trips to Bethlehem or longer, overnight tours that allow you to get to grips with the city the Bible talks so fondly of. Come to Bethlehem with your fellow worshipers, your church or with a few friends and you will get a feel of how special the city truly is.

Explore the Birthplace of Christianity

With Christ born in Bethlehem, it remains one of the best known Christian sites around the world. Nestled a short distance from Nazareth, where Mary lived and where Christ had a strong connection to and just a stone’s throw from Jerusalem; where so many miracles were performed, Bethlehem is a place filled with divine inspiration.

There are few places anywhere in the world which will leave you feeling as empowered and connected to God as Bethlehem.


The Finest Bethlehem Tours for Christians

Exploring all that Bethlehem has to offer Christians is perfect for all types of tours, groups and churches. From large church groups looking for a greatly detailed and educational insight into the life of Jesus and the birth of Christianity, to smaller groups wishing to tour some of the best known areas for Christians, Bethlehem has something for everyone and every group.

With our special tour guides and motivational speakers like Jeff Lucas, renowned for their passion and knowledge amongst all Christians, you will be sure to feel the connection to God in Bethlehem.

Our tours Christian tours to Bethlehem are that extra bit special. With a truly Christian perspective and the bible to hand, you will experience one of Christianity’s holiest sites like never before.

Coming to Bethlehem allows you to experience vital parts of the bible first-hand and with our knowledge of the city and the local area; you will see all the city has to offer.

Visiting Bethlehem is a Truly Special Experience

When you come on a tour arranged by us, you will see the Tomb of Rachel the Matriarch, the Church of the Nativity, the Old City of Bethlehem and so much more. It is a special and holy place like no other.

Our guides and speakers will help you to expand your knowledge and understanding of the Bible and all that occurs in Bethlehem; from the birth of Jesus to the miracles the happened there and so much more.

Our tours to Bethlehem include walking tours that allow you and your fellow Christians to fully immerse yourselves in the holiness and history of the city of Bethlehem, taking you to places such as Kind David’s wells and the Grotto of the Nativity.

Seeing where Christianity was truly born and from where the Messiah is prophesised to come from cannot be beaten anywhere else. No matter the time of year, including at Christmas time, Bethlehem remains a uniquely significant and special place for all.

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Whether it is your very first time coming to Bethlehem or if you are a seasoned visitor to Israel, Bethlehem and the holy sites, our team are sure to help you take your service of God and understanding of the Bible to the next level, connecting you with the awesome power of the Holy Spirit.