What We Do

At Tours for Christians we have the expertise and understanding to provide the best tours and advice for Christian travellers. Tours for Christians organize the most unique, spiritual, educational and insightful pilgrimages and tours to the Holy Lands of Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Greece, Turkey, and other destinations of biblical interest.

How We Do It

Tours for Christians offer three different ways to visit the sites you have dreamed to visit. You may join participants from around the globe on one of our weekly tours, register for one of our unique pilgrimages organised by inspiring Christian leaders or organise a group from your parish and we will help you sort out the details.

What You Want

What particular form of Christian tour are you interested in?
We offer three main types of tour:

  1.  Tailor made tours for churches and other groups
  2. Regular tours
  3. Ministry tours

1. Tailor made tours:

We specialize in designing tours with group leaders so that the content and form meets precisely the need of a church, fellowship, or group. The normal starting point is getting a quotation. Normally the first question potential group members will ask is how much will it cost? The factors which are the main deciders in the final cost are the following:

  • The number of nights the tour is to contain. Most commonly packages are 7 nights (Often referred to as 8 days) or 10 nights (11 days). Tours of other lengths are also occasionally requested.
  • The standard of the hotels/kibbutzim requested (3 stars, 4 stars etc.)
  • The location of the hotel. Hotels on the shore of Galilee are higher priced, hotels close to the Old City are higher priced and hotels in Arab communities tend to be lower in price.
  • The airline chosen.
  • The time of year. Generally travelling in UK School holidays or when there are major Jewish or Christian Festivals will increase the cost significantly.

As a general rule the itinerary itself will not have an effect on the price. There are one or two more unusual extras folk ask for such as a “Biblical Lunch”, The Sound and Light Show, or a trip to a Jewish Folk evening that will affect the price, but this is rarely significant.

2. Regular Tours:

We offer a range of tours which are available almost every week. These tours are guaranteed, by this we mean that no minimum number is required to ensure their departure. The only weeks these tours are not available are when the tours fall on the dates of Pesach (Passover) and Sukkoth (The Feast of Tabernacles). For operational reasons during these festivals it is impractical to offer regular tours. However, on the remaining 49 weeks these tours can be booked by, individuals, couples, or numbers of any size at very short notice (subject to availability).

Regular tours have a fixed itinerary and offer a range of hotel standards. They also offer a variety of tour duration, the Holy Land Tour (The most popular of the tours) which is largely focused on the sites important in the ministry of Jesus, has a 7night and 10 night format. These tours do not have a minister or priest as a leader and are solely led by the guide. Prices depend on season and hotel standard. Other regular tours included Classic Tours which have a more general content and Jewish Heritage Tours for those wishing to discover or understand the roots of the faith.

3. Ministry Tours:

These tours are led by Ministers/Church leaders who have a wide knowledge of Israel and the scripture, the tour guide will normally give the historic and archaeological background to sites and the leader the spiritual overlay. Unlike the regular tours they offer the opportunity of worship in the Holy Land. Most evenings there will be an opportunity for praise, worship and teaching as well as discussion about the places visited, or still to be visited. We try to hold 2 to 4 of these very popular tours each year, typically being in the spring and autumn. This is an ideal tour for those who wish to truly experience a spiritual understanding of the Bible Lands.

Your Money

Travelink holds an Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (ATOL) granted by the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK. The authority checks our finances on a regular basis and requires us to arrange a financial bond which protects the money paid to us for air holidays. Our ATOL number is 1886.
We are also members of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) number V7117. ABTA also checks members finances quarterly, requires bonding and enforces a strict code of conduct.
We are also licensed by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for the sale of scheduled airline tickets.
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